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For Health Professionals


All referrals and correspondence are preferred via Medical Objects for all of our physicians.

Geriatrician Referrals: Patients can be referred directly, with referrals addressed to Infinity Specialists.

Upon receipt of referrals, one of our triage team will assign a geriatrician to your patient, based on individual patient requirements (as detailed on your referral) and appointment timeliness. If, however, you wish for your patient to see a specific geriatrician, please indicate this on your referral and a booking will be made direct with this specialist.

General Medicine Referrals: Patients can be referred addressed to our general physician.

Acute Inpatient Services

Private hospital admission under the care of one our experienced specialist physicians can be arranged for acute medical illnesses, that cannot be managed in the community. Majority of our specialist physicians are credentialed at both St. Vincent’s and St. Andrew’s Private hospitals.

For urgent admissions or inter-hospital transfers please either call our office during business hours 07 4580 0822, St. Vincent’s reception on 07 4690 4314 to be connected to our on-call Geriatrician (Geriatric patients only) or direct your patient to St. Vincent’s Private hospital Emergency Department, who can contact one of our specialist physicians (Our on-call Geriatrician or our General Physician), if required.

Patient Information


Geriatric Initial Appointments

If you are a new patient, we will require a referral from your general practitioner (GP) to Infinity Specialists, prior to booking an appointment. Once received, your referral will be triaged by our experienced staff, in order to assign you to one of our geriatricians according to urgency and your particular health needs. If your GP requests that you are to be seen by a specific geriatrician, we will endeavor to provide this in a timely manner.

An initial consultation can take between 40 and 80 minutes depending on the nature and complexity of your condition. We do ask that you arrive with at least one family member, carer or friend, as there can be a lot of information to process. This consultation includes collating past medical history, reviewing current medications and investigations, a physical and/or mental health examinations as well as discussing diagnoses, further investigations and your individual management plan.

Once the initial consultation has taken place you may be required to have further appointments depending on the result, complexity of your condition and your management plan.

Geriatric Review Appointments

Review appointments may be required to assess further results/investigations, changes or developments in your diagnosis, and/or to discuss alternative options or changes required to your management plan.  We generally allow between 20 and 40 minutes for review appointments and again ask that a family member, carer or friend accompany you.

Following each outpatient appointment, a detailed letter will be sent to your GP and referring doctor, if different to your regular GP. If you wish for another health practitioner to receive a copy of these letters, please make a request to your doctor and advise the administration staff.

Side Effects / Contacting your doctors between booked appointments

We encourage you to keep our doctors up to date with your medical concerns regarding your diagnosis and management, as well as any side-effects or issues with any newly prescribed medications. If you are experiencing side-effects or wish to relay information to your treating specialist, between appointments, please contact our office and our administrative team will assist with documenting a thorough message to your doctor. We will require your current list of medications including dosages, so please have these details on hand when you call our office or alternatively, you can email this information to our monitored email: Our administration team will endeavor to contact you as soon as practical, via phone or reply email, if however, you do not hear from our administration team in a timely manner, please contact us.

If you experience any life-threatening side effects, please call 000 and/or present to your local Hospital’s Emergency Department.

Payment options

We appreciate full payment of your appointments on the day of your appointment and payment can be made by one of the following methods:

  • EFT
  • Cheque
  • Cash


Medicare Rebates

All outpatient appointments are eligible for Medicare rebate and our administrative team will send your claim online to Medicare on the day of your appointment once your payment has been made. We ask that you please register your bank details with Medicare prior to your appointment, in order for your claim to be sent online the same day. You should receive your rebate within 24 hours from Medicare into the nominated bank account.

Health Fund Rebates

We are pleased to advise that all of our physicians are registered as no gap providers with all private health funds, therefore if you are admitted as a medical inpatient at either St. Vincent’s or St. Andrew’s Private Hospitals you will have no out of pocket expenses from Infinity Specialists.

If you are referred for admission to the Rehabilitation unit at St. Vincent’s Private hospital, you will need to contact your private health insurer to confirm you will be insured, as some memberships to do not include coverage for rehabilitation. If you have any questions in relation to this, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


If you are a current patient of this practice and you require a review appointment, you will need to confirm with our administration staff that your referral is still current. Medicare stipulates that you must always have a current referral in order to receive a Medicare rebate for your medical appointments. Our administration staff assist in ensuring that all patients have a valid referral, however at times due to rescheduling of appointments, this may be overlooked, therefore it is the responsibility of the patient to ensure they have a valid referral at all times. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff when coordinating your next appointment.​

General Telephone Advice

You can contact our administration team via telephone Monday to Thursday between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm and Fridays between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

However, if you happen to call out of hours, you are welcome to leave a voice recording on our answering service and a team member will contact you the following working day.

We also encourage emails to be sent to our monitored email address:

If you are seeking information about a relative who is currently an inpatient and one of our doctors are involved in their care, we ask that you contact the ward’s administrative or nursing staff with your enquiry or concerns. The administrative and nursing staff can access our doctors if necessary and relay messages when required.