Nursing Home and Community Services

Nursing Home Services

We understand that older adults living in Aged Care Facilities may find it challenging to attend our private rooms for consultations. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to provide a reliable service to Aged Care Facilities within Toowoomba and surrounding regions.

We currently offer dedicated regular Geriatric clinics in Allora, Killarney, Warwick, Clifton and Crows Nest. Whilst we do not have regular clinics scheduled for Toowoomba residents, our Geriatricians are more than happy to provide the same service once a referral is received by our administration team. 

Community Services

Community Services with in-home geriatric assessments are also available for elderly patients who are too ill or frail to attend the private clinic. Home visits can be organised by contacting our administration staff and organising appropriate referrals from your general practitioner (GP).

Our team is committed to improving the quality of life and healthcare to the aging population of Toowoomba and surrounding areas. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a no fee (bulk bill) service to all nursing home and residential care patients, negating financial burden and transportation to clinics or hospitals. 

To access these services, a referral sent to our administration team is required.